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Your Cabinets Reborn



Your well-worn cabinets have gone through a lot.  Transform the exterior look of your cabinets and create an entirely new and fresh look with RCS Re-finishing and Refacing, in as little as 4 days

Woodland Cabinetry



RENNER WOOD COATING - Industry Leading for over 50 Years!

RCS uses water based high grade industrial wood coatings which are great for kitchen cabinets and furniture due to their scratch resistance, mar and chemical resistance.  Renner Wood Coatings are easier on the environment and overall health of those who come in contact with these coatings. 



Kitchen cabinet refinishing

Cabinet Painting/ Refinishing  
If your cabinets are well-made and you like the style of the doors and drawers fronts, refinishing is your best option.

RCS uses Renner Wood Coating for paints and wood finishes to obtain a better than factory finish look and feel.

kitchen cabinet and door front refacing

Cabinet Doors & Drawer Front Refacing
If your cabinets are well-made but you are unhappy with your doors and drawer fronts.

RCS can change your doors and drawer fronts out to something more inline with your personal preference. Changing out the cabinet doors and drawer fronts and refinish the cabinets can save anywhere your 10k-25k on the cost of new kitchen cabinetry.

Want to renew the look of your kitchen quickly without replacing your cabinets?.

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